Birthday in March

Yes, there are so many groups of people to meet that birthday celebrations have extended beyond the 28 days in February. On first March we celebrated two Aquarians’ 🥳 🎉🌟😎 birthday. We chose to have tea so I took leave in the afternoon. I had a busy day in the morning before I headed out for tea. Work recently has piled up and all, because others pile them on me! Don’t want to talk about work but my joy afternoon and evening 😎🥰🥳😍 Dressed for the occasion by @Stylemart 😂🤣The shoes from Interpax (Holland Village Shopping Centre) and bag gifted by dear friend Diane.

Wind-blown evening

We met at Wimbly Lu which is a quaint cafe in Tyrwhitt Road (w is silent) and I must say there were a few cafes on that stretch of road to explore in future. We had both savoury and sweet food. Check out the sticky date pudding though I prefer the one made by my friend which I had eaten a few years’ ago at her home. It was simply awesome so I told her that. She promised to make me some the next time! YAY!

Our conversations can range from basic stuff like the food we were eating to serious topics like religion. It was always ‘laugh-every-few-words’ moments with this group. We’ve known each other for donkey years!

As we reflected on COVID-19, much as we disliked the situation we are in, there is much to be grateful for. For one, despite the odds, all of us adjusted well and coped beautifully showing resilience and adaptability. Problems were solved and handled with ease. In retrospect, I personally enjoy the small group gatherings which are more intimate and cozy. Big group gatherings are more for socialising without interacting. That’s just my opinion 🙂

Of course from Wimbly Lu, we had to divert to another place and we decided on Indian food at Race Course Road. There was a little alarm as we were told that the big carpark that had helped us over the years was gone. Alas, I was shocked. Where was I going to park my car? With such thought and anxiety we drove in different cars and headed to Race Course Road only to find that the car park was not gone! Another YAY! So, we parked the three cars and walked to Arunachala Bhavan. I told the ladies that my late grandfather’s name was Arunasalam. Maybe I can get some discount for the group 😂🤣 Nothing doing but we had a nice spot on Level 2 all to ourselves for a long while. We continued with our stories till 10 pm. By which time it was clear we had to leave! Some pictures of the food and friends!

Always smiling
Clare’s & Ethel’s Creative bakes

Gifts galore

I am really counting my blessings as I savour all the birthday gifts I received for my birthday 🥳 🥰🤩😘So many flowers, costume jewellery, cosmetics, bags, earrings, elephant figurines, ornaments, crafty items, calming and mindfulness paraphernalia, fabric for Salwar Kameez, OSIM massager ‘gun’ (haven’t unwrap yet😂), cakes, meals (lunch & tea), chocolates and beautiful cards♥️ Am I on a high? YES, of course!

I didn’t expect so many gifts and perhaps because of it, when I did receive them, there was much joy!

Such a gem-beauty
Lovely bag with beautiful design from my lifers
Received flowers first time from Kavita
Choco crazy I went with this gift 💝
Sharing the space with my Shifu – an honour🙌

With all these blessings we are indeed blessed. I am using the royal ‘we’ here 😂

Count your blessings (and be happy) not the candles on your cake (and be miserable)! The choice is yours♥️

Us 4 at Pistachio

Before it was us 4 at Pistachio, I was alone at ION Clarins having a spa treatment. That’s the best part of any birthday month, all the promotions and offers🥳. As a gold Clarins member, I was entitled to a body or face treatment. I usually take the body spa since I have my regular facial with @polybeautysg and that’s something I won’t change 😁 So took PM leave and had such big plans. But as luck will have it, I had some IT issues. I blame it all on some people who had sent me big files when I had spelt out to them to share their files. Also, told them to convert to PDF but the dingoes sent it by email🙄🤨😕😏Sometimes I wonder if people really have any manners. Some addressed me by name and had a short preamble to the attachment. Most, just sent it as attachment and no message😫🤨 so rude!

As I was rushing to head out of the house by 2 pm I was also trying to finish my work, but the problem was, my mailbox was full. I had to delete files in order to send mails out. And there was a prompt to delete/archive folders 🧐 Morale of the story: Never do things in a hurry! I didn’t need this particular folder as it was work done more than a decade ago so I deleted it. Within minutes the computer hung 😱😳😭and then NO folders. I am very sure I had not deleted my current working folders but how could this have happened to me? I called the IT help and after an hour nothing much the IT support guy did other than ask me how it got ‘lost’. I was repeating the issue a few times. I was tempted to record my explanation so that I could rest and let the recording do the ‘talking’! I thought of cancelling the spa appointment as it was already past 2 pm. By the time everything was ‘sorted’ (not the IT issue but the guy telling me that someone else had to help me with the issue) it was almost 2.30 pm. My appointment was at 3 pm at ION. I thought of grabbing since it would save me parking time but when I got out of the house I decided to drive. Just my luck, good for then, traffic was smooth and I made it to ION within 20 mins including parking the car 😎

By 3 pm I was at the spa. It was such a refreshing and relaxing time🤩😍🙌 I switched off my mind over the IT issue. That was the only way to enjoy myself. After that I walked to Wheelock Place for dinner. Of course before that I had shopped at the Clarins Store 😂🤣I had 20% discount and double points. I was never going to miss on that 😂

Dinner was with three ladies, all of whom were from my caregroup in Sentosa. All working ladies now. We were exchanging news of each other and as I sat there with them, time stood still. They were like the girls they were when they were studying in the school with us. Older now but still like those days. For one of them, I had travelled to Yangon for her wedding. It was such an opportunity for me to be able to travel there for a 👰 🌟🎉For another lady I couldn’t attend her wedding in Sri Lanka as I was committed to a CET programme then and couldn’t take leave. A fortnight later I went to Colombo for Stylemart Fashion Show and managed to meet her and her hubby in Colombo😘🙏🏻 These ladies come with memories and the third lady is the cool cucumber (then and now). All three established themselves in their own way. That’s one of the joys of being an educator though I am not one now, I still get to meet my ex-students and I am always brimming with joy and pride when I am with them.

Truly deserving of the pic collage 🤣

Food was disappointing I must say. I have been there a few times and had always enjoyed the food. That day it was a bit of a wash-out but company was superb so I forgave them for the shitty 🍤 😳

Such a joy with these ladies🥰

Fat Prince

No I didn’t meet any fat prince recently. It was just a place I discovered to suggest for a possible dining place. Lately my fascination is for Med food so I goggled for Med restaurants to try out. My two buddies who are foodies like to try new places unlike me🤣

I thoroughly enjoyed the food especially the pork that was so yummy! Yes after fish I love pork especially pork belly😂😱🥰

Besides the food the highlight of the evening besides the laughter, was this beautiful chocolate cake, just for my birthday ♥️ Really BIG ♥️😂

Yumazing cake

It melted in my mouth. I am not a big fan of chocolate cake but this cake baked by @butterbee was simply heavenly. My buddies and I 😎🤩🥰

Wearing this lovely silk top which I matched with my chiffon pants from Korea😍

Dress2Xpress your happiness, joy and peace♥️

Bakalaki Greek

Tonight was dinner with another group of friends. As I am currently hooked on Greek cuisine I suggested we dine at one. We tried to make reservations for Blu Kouzina but it was fully booked. We managed to book Bakalaki Greek Tavern and in my opinion the food here is much better than BK.

Wearing this outfit that I bought for Christmas 😂

Wearing footwear from my friend Rosie’s

It was a party of six but no pictures taken of the rest. Seems like it was just B and I 🤪🤣Strangely he wanted to be captured in a shot with me and cake.

The cake was simply awesome, mango and passion fruit🤤🤤🤤🤤 @baked. byjess, a sweet girl who is a darling to have baked this cake♥️

The food, so much of yummy food that I literally crawled into the car. Luckily I was chauffeured or else I wouldn’t have been able to drive 🤪

Can you imagine how full I was then? Am forgetting the cake too! But what I am grateful for is the blessings of good friends. As hubby put it tonight, we don’t make friends easily when we are older but this friendship is a blessing. I will echo that loud and clear🥰🤩🥳

Flowers 💐 🌹

My brother and family sent me flowers and chocolates for my birthday 🎂 It arrived early and I had placed the flowers in a vase in front of Amma. She always thinks all the flowers that arrive are hers🤣🤣 That’s when I had to tell her that they were mine and that my birthday was that Saturday. She simply nodded. On Saturday when I received more flowers she kept pointing to say they were for her😁 I let it be🥰

Me on my pink throne – my recliner

Incidentally I received this timely reminder of a post from 3 years ago. Also with flowers from my brother and family ♥️

My pink lace top that goes so well with the flowers 🤣
More flowers & more pink
Flowers from the school

Flowers, we all love them though I would say to hubby not to waste money on flowers as they wither, being the practical person that I am 🤪😂🤣 but love receiving them nevertheless ♥️🥰😘


I know my birthday! I know we all dread growing old and there are people I know who get depressed on their birthdays because they get a year older🙌 I still recall my Amma many years ago responding like that. I remember I had taken half-day leave to spend the afternoon with her. As I had a meeting that was in the afternoon, I had told her to eat something and that our afternoon would start late. As luck will have it, my meeting finished past 2 pm. I had walked to the car to drive off to meet Amma but couldn’t find my car key. I searched all over the bags I had. I left my big bags near the car and walked back to my office which is a good 10 minutes away from the carpark. I looked for the car key in the office which I didn’t find. So sadly, I walked back to the car planning on taking a cab and leaving the car there for the day. As I walked to pick up the bags, I found the key next to the car. It had fallen down in the morning and I had not even noticed it earlier in my hurry. I was so elated and by then I had lost about half an hour. By the time I reached my Amma’s place it was close to 3 pm.

I called her down to meet me and her voice was strained. I knew she was upset 😢 and felt so bad. When she came down I apologised to her for being late. She told me that she was not upset with me. She was upset that her friends had called her and wished her. I was like, “so what’s wrong with that?”. She went on to add that she felt old and didn’t need her friends to remind her of that! I decided to change the subject and we headed out for late lunch at Bukit Timah Plaza, I ordered some food at the Taiwanese joint there. They serve food all the time so I decided we would dine there. As we were eating I told her that I had received 123 birthday messages on FB just a month before. Was I sad that 123 people reminded me that I was a year older? I said, I was so overjoyed that so many people had taken the time – their own time to compose even a simple birthday message for me🙏🏻

The fact that they chose to do so meant something to me, I told Amma. Her face brightened up. She asked me if I made up the number and I told her that I could remember because it was 1.2.3. and that I hadn’t made up that story. I showed her the messages on my phone. So after speaking to her a little more I allayed her fears of aging. Yes, all of us will grow old but it’s how we manage it. We should rejoice at getting one year older. How lucky we are we can enjoy our birthday. Just thought of the 5 young men who lost their lives in that tragic accident on second day of CNY 🥲They would have wanted to see another birthday, for sure.

So, I was grateful for my birthday on 1302, second day of CNY. Being a Saturday I started the day with my breathing class to get blessings from my Shifu. I started the class on my birthday 4 years’ ago. I asked her if she was going to be having class on second day of CNY a week before and of course, got chided for it. She replied: Why should there be no class? I will be there sun or rain and even snow she said!. So I was hoping I don’t get scolded by her and warned myself to thread carefully.

When I got there she was so excited and wished me so fervently that my heart melted. She was going on about how proud she is of me. YAY! Made my day. After class I had lunch on my own as I usually like and especially today to reflect on my day. I had some healthy ‘shit’ considering I started bingeing from 29 January. After that I got home and was surprised by the gifts that had arrived for that day. Of course I forgot to mention that hubby had bought me a bouquet of flowers that morning which was definitely a first. So I took picture with it before leaving for class. Here it is…

Flowers from hubby & it cost a bomb becos of VD & CNY
With my Shifu

So, I was definitely surprised by a potted Flamingo flowers and bouquet of more roses sitting on the table. I decided I should take pictures with all my flower gifts. Here they are…

With gift from my dear Chammak Challo Babe
Gift from Kavita & her mum from Stylemart

We were going out for dinner so decided to cut the cake earlier so that Amma can be there to enjoy the moment. Hubby bought a pistachio cake from Cedele. He told the lady there that my wife doesn’t like chocolate cake and cannot take coconut. What else looks pretty as a birthday cake? So she recommended the pistachio cake. A good choice indeed. Amma was smiling while her fav son-in-law (actually only son-in-law) took pictures of us. Amma is very fond of hubby. She has the brightest smile and huge wave for him when he returns home from work everyday. When she doesn’t do it, then that’s a sign she’s not feeling too well. Anyway on Saturday she was happy to smile and also enjoy the cake.

Moi with the cake – pic courtesy of DH

Dinner was with the family at Long Beach Restaurant, a place where everyone will have something to enjoy and eat besides the birthday girl. I am sure all of you can identify how for birthdays we end up going to places that the children enjoy more than ourselves. It is only when it’s dinner with hubby alone that we get to go to different places. But it’s not important where we eat but that we actually eat together that counts. I am grateful for that too🙌♥️

I received so many birthday messages and being the sentimental fool that I am I was simply floored. I take messages very seriously so what’s worded means a lot to me🤗😁😎🤪There were so many personal messages and I am sharing a few that sparked a little more joy! Here’s one: ‘My inspiration woman, Ms Susila. May you always be surrounded with love, respect and peace. Stay healthy, pretty and spread positive vibes more than ever please’. This was from one of my ex-students. I cried when I read this🥲Not because she said ‘stay pretty’ 😂🤪but ‘to spread positive vibes more than ever please’. I also had: ‘Happy Birthday dear Su. You look forever young despite having celebrated so many birthdays’🤔 I love this one from a special friend, ‘Happy birthday to someone who is as lovely as rose, inside and out’ with a lovely picture of a pink (the colour of joy) rose.💗💓💞💕 Another: Happy and blessed birthday to a warm & lovely lady who brings colour, light and verve to every occasion’ and this was on an elephant 🤎This one really made my day! I woke up to this message: Happy birthday to an inspirational, kind and loving friend. I hope your day is showered in love, Su’ from a dear friend in Melbourne❣️I love this one too:

And keep dancing…

I am saving the best for the last: This picture was shared (and don’t laugh okay?) with this message: Happiest birthday to my coolies Aunt. Our photo taking moments started in the late 80s as evident in this shot from waaaay back. Thank you so much Aunty Susi for being who you are and inspiring us to live life the best way we can and continuing to learn and grow even as we all get older every year.’

Mother of at least one kid 🤪

With all these wonderful messages I had this one which capped all my birthday messages😂🤣

How nice it is to be reminded of old age 🙂

Podcast joy

What a wonderful way to start my birthday week 🙏🏻🤩🥳🤗I had done this recording in November 2020 and had in fact, forgotten about it till I was tagged. Little did I know it was the podcast – that is called TPot so the picture of me on the top of the pot is apt.

This opportunity to open up a little about myself was afforded by my dear CCB (Chammak Chalo Babe) @kuniangs who invited me to share a little on this TP podcast. I was so sure that there would be nothing much to share since most people know what I like doing which is dancing and love football and tennis😂🤪

Yet, the interview that looked boring on paper turned out pretty good, if I may say so🤪🤗. I was really enjoying the talk session with Felicia whom I knew a little so it was easier to chat. Her fascination for Hrithik Roshan was a known fact to all of us who know her. So, the story flowed very well. One thing lead to the other😎In fact, there were so many other things we talked about but she had to edit to fit the time. I was amazed at how well it turned out🙌🙏🏻

That was a huge birthday gift! What did I get in return? Many calls for Pepper Chicken Curry and Appam Jalal 🤪😁😂☺️ Need to find occasions to cook that for all those who requested! What joy!

As I mentioned in the podcast I always ‘attention’ not the way you are thinking. There was a time I was suspected as being a refugee while holidaying in Canada. That’s another story. Hilarious now but definitely scary then. My Cuz in Canada would vouch for it☺️ Another time my 3 friends and I were ‘robbed’ of our money, passports and other small valuables in Paris😟☹️😱I’ll tell that story the next opportune time.

This is how this podcast was blasted in WKFB.

Birthday with Cuz

This picture popped up in my IG reminding about the birthday outing I had with my Canadian cousin🥰

This was 3 years ago at Jamie Oliver at Vivo City. In case anyone is interested, my hangout is Vivo😁 I don’t go to Orchard anymore for shopping. It’s all at Vivo for me. Anyway, JO has closed and there’s a new restaurant there.

That was the time that my cousin had stayed the longest in Singapore. We managed to meet up a few times then. She was around for my birthday that year. She has been in Singapore a few times after that but often for about a fortnight and our meet-ups have been brief.

We both travelled together in Paris, imagine we met in London where my brother was based. Then travelled to Paris for a few days before heading back to London. Those days we didn’t use our phones to capture the moments, so got to dig up the photo album which probably has all the lovely pictures.

Here are some pictures of us when she was here in Singapore recently 🤩

Tea with Periyammah & Cuz

My Periyammah decided to treat me for my birthday on Friday. My cousin arranged for us to meet at Drawing Room, St Regis. The occasion as usual required dressing up😂

Pic with my birthday gift (2018 gift)

My Periyammah and I, she’s always so regal looking. She inspires us all to dress up and look good. Both the sisters are like that. My Amma taught me to coordinate my colours and through her I have always been a dressy person🤣😂 Still recall when I was at a family gathering a few of them commented about the red dress I was wearing, not that it was skimpy or something but because it was red, bright to them (blinding, in fact) 🤣. Of course, then I was young and a little taken back by the remarks, got ‘upset’ by their remarks but I learnt to appreciate myself eventually. Now I wear what I like and don’t really care what others think. Yah, maybe I am always overdressed but who says it’s against the law?

Back to tea gathering… It was nice to have small gatherings celebrating life🙏🏻 Thanks to COVID-19 we bond in small groups which has drawn us all closer. I truly love spending time with each and everyone who made time for me. I may sound reflective in this post but really, these are our blessings. Since 29 January I have been meeting friends and relatives in small groups. There are more in the coming weeks. While the birthday may be the ‘excuse’ it’s more to chill, connect and show care for each other.

Cuz Squad sans 1
Cuz Squad 2

Here’s one with all four of us…

We need to feed my Periyammah as she’s looking so thin next to the three of us😂🤣
The afternoon became evening and like all good things our meet-up came to an end🎉🙌🙏🏻

Pic with Periyammah against the CNY backdrop