Blog Lethargy?

It’s slightly more than a month since my last post🙆‍♀️It’s not that I am lazy or too busy to blog😂It’s more aligned to the current mood in the country. With heightened alerts to the COVID situation we couldn’t have any dining-in at F&B outlets which meant stay home and have ‘dapao’ food or home-cooked food. It was also restricted to 2 people visiting per household which crossed out home gatherings drastically😳

That meant just home parties with the family, the 2 dogs, Netflix, Disney+ & HBO Max🤩🤗😂I have watched quite a bit of movies, in fact I should say, re-watched quite a few movies 😂🤪I really love The Holiday, it strikes a chord with me🥳and have watched it a few times!!! Imagine that😜

Imagine not being able to dress up though I still dressed up for work everyday😂I need that motivation. I just couldn’t do the home clothes bit and do work. I tried but I couldn’t. So I get up, dress up & turn up every day including weekends😜

While I talk about dressing up, it’s important to do some self-care. I was just too lazy to go to the hairdresser because I had to wear the mask while getting the hair cut and coloured. A week ago I decided I should go as my hair was so long that I had a few people ask me if I was growing my hair😳Okay that’s a sign that it was time. When I went to the hairdresser she told me that I had last seen her in early February😱That’s never been the case. It’s usually 6 weeks and last year during CB it was 2.5 months.

No wonder people have noticed that the hair is so long🙄Had to sit there for 3 hours with my mask as punishment so the hairdresser warned me that I should not stay away that long. I have been warned🤭

I am generally a good girl when it comes to facial though. My appointment got pushed back a little but not much. I went for my facial on Friday (yesterday) but took leave for the whole day. I did nothing else other than have that time with my facial therapist. Would you believe I was treated to a 3-hour facial? Just pure treat to the face🙌

This is me all happy after 3 hours of pampering

Party of 5

I usually celebrate my cousin’s birthday with #us3 with cousin, her son and I 🤗With my Periyammah’s birthday being celebrated on 1 May, there was the option of the Hari Raya Puasa public holiday for our meet-up 🎊🎉So we fixed it. My other cousin’s birthday is also in May and I asked her to give me some dates for us to celebrate. She suggested HRP PH too 🤭So I decided on a cousins’ outing and I had planned for seven pax. I made reservations for eight pax hoping to include my Periyammah too. On the day I received my confirmation from the restaurant, there was the announcement of tightening measures which reduced the number to five pax. Immediately I received a message from the restaurant saying the number had to be reduced to five. I had to drop some people 😔😝

Revisiting a pose of the past

In retrospect we are so glad we decided to carry on with just five of us considering further tightening of measures owing to the rise in community cases. It’s now at 2 pax per household and no dining-in allowed till 13 June. What a bumper🥲But the worrying increase in community cases warrants such measures.

We started our high tea at Colony @Ritz Carlton. There was just too much of chocolatey stuff that I don’t usually favour. I prefer Peranakan spread, I conclude that🥳

The savoury food I enjoyed 🤤
Us posing with the two birthday gals

As can be evidenced in these pics, we are dressed up which is our iconic trademark 😂😝🤪😜

Am wearing this cream suit from my dear friend Kavita @Stylemartbridal. The necklace was procured at the fashion in Colombo in 2018. This is the third time I wore it 🤭 Not because there are no occasions but somehow that necklace is hard to match😉

Cream suit with my purchase from Colombo🙆‍♀️

After that we headed to Chop Suey for our dinner.

Dinner under the lights

In case anyone reading this thinks we are such gluts, it was just the need to continue with our fun. Lovely day spent with my cousins and nephew 🥰

85 years

My Amma’s elder sister, Periyammah turned 85 and it’s so lovely that my cousins decided to celebrate separately. Hubby and I were invited for the celebrations at my cousin son’s place. It was such a memorable evening for all of us.

There were pictures taken, many of them, much to everybody’s joy😁😅😂

With my Periyammah 😘

My Periyammah is so regally attired as you can see in above picture. She was dressed so elegantly by her grandson🙌🎉🤗 I am dressed in this suit from Stylemart which I bought for Deepavali but only got to wear for this special occasion 😊😘

Well, a pic with hubby included

Checkout the cake that was ordered for the birthday girl🎉

Birthday & Cake

Periyammah is showing her birthday gift which is a lovely jewellery set from her daughter (my other cousin) 👍🏻

Here she’s wearing my 💝

We took a nice group shot which is priceless indeed🤩

Group pics that rock

And finally a customary wefie with my nephew 👊

My ♥️

Finally I am ready to talk about my Amma’s passing🥲It’s been about 6 weeks since Amma left us, exactly eleven days after her birthday. In retrospect, hubby and I are so delighted that we had a super celebration for her birthday. That cheeky smile she gave hubby when he teased her about drinking the Bandung 🙏🏻 is forever etched in our memories🙆‍♀️🤗😁

Amma last ate some nice food on 14 Mar and was unwell from 15 of the month. I had prepared jemput jemput for her but she was too sick after throwing up. We had two visitors who came specially to see her. Though she was unwell, she recognised them and held their hands tight. They were the lucky ones to have seen Amma consciously aware of their presence🙌🙆‍♀️After that night she had difficulty breathing so I arranged for the doctor to see her. She had chest infection and I decided we would treat her at home instead of sending her to the hospital where they will poke her with syringes and cause more distress to her frail being.

She wasn’t holding her food so we were told to hold back the feed. She was heavily dosed and all she did was sleep. I decided to work from home from Wednesday late afternoon so I had the privilege of spending the last two days with her. Never in my wildest dream I thought Amma would leave us. She’s a fighter who had always come through. Unfortunately this time she didn’t but I know Amma is happy, joyful wherever she is, not having to suffer anymore🙏🏻🙌Life goes on, I know but it takes time too😁

I finally dropped Amma’s helper (who had to be transferred) over at my in-laws yesterday. That marked another closure. Was a bit sad as the Indian helper who was going SUPURR over everything I did has gone to another employer (I know it’s only my in-laws and not any outsider) and she cried. The Myanmar helper also cried seeing her leave. Aiyoh, a mini soppy serial we had last evening🥲😅

This morning before I left for work, it suddenly dawned upon me that from seven people we now have five and the house was so 🤫 How life changes with just one person ‘gone’? Early morning emo before I went out to my course. Didn’t feel up to sending anyone morning messages 😏Just a break 🙏🏻

Amma & her many moments with me

IWD 2021

For this year’s International Women’s Day I had, of course, created special messages to be shared with the women in my life. Most of the ladies responded in ways that really touched my heart.

After a facial

We should also spend time on ourselves🥳🤩Never short change yourself🙌 Self-care, me-time and reflections were in order. It was at those reflective moments that I re-read all my heart-touched messages. Sampling a few for your reading pleasure.

“Your positive energy is infectious and I mean it when I say you make the world a better place. Have an awesome day my Chammak Challo Susila!” from my CCB ♥️

“I luv your special words on woman’s day? Soo Awesom… you are soo good at putting your words into sentences which make one soo Happy! Also, all your morning greetings! Keep it up Susie.” Came all the way from Denmark 🎉

“Good morning Ms Su. You are a wonder woman. Have a happy Woman day” 😎😘

“Happy international women’s day Ms Susila… pls keep inspiring ur surroundings as you used to..” from my sweetie😍

“Wonderful greetings from our Wonder Woman!” from a nature loving friend😍

“Happy IWD to one of the most awesome women I know” – and this is from a lady whom I admire much🥳

“Su, Hope you had a fabulous day. You are a super woman, super educator, super wife & super mom & mom-in-law” from my lovely Charm☺️

“Wishing a very inspiring, positive, and lovely lady, a beautiful Women’s Day”. “Hi Athai! Happy Women’s Day to one of the strongest women I know 🙂 thank you for being such an inspiration. This is how I feel Athai. Maybe I don’t say it enough :)” From my niece🦋

These messages lifted my already elevated spirits 😃👊We should lift each other not push each other down. Women supporting women should be an on-going theme👍🏻👏🏻😎

Amma’s Birthday

Today is Amma’s big day. Prep started last week with facial followed by nail spa. All done at home. Nice to have these services do house calls costly though 🙄 I also bought her an embroidered suit, a really nice maroon top and cream pants. Had the suit stitched to fit Amma.

Flowers from my brother & fam

We got everything ready for Amma. Initially I wanted to get her sister (my Periyammah) and cousins over on Saturday but realised that she doesn’t get to enjoy the food and also because she’s lost her speech, she doesn’t get to join in the conversation 🥲 So I decided on a ‘just-us’ celebration. I asked her if she wanted to go back to her apartment. Her face lit up so that became the birthday plan 🙌

Hubby was roped in to help too as we can’t manage on our own. So both of us too the afternoon off. I ordered some chicken rice for lunch which Amma ate a little and took a nap. Made jemput jemput for her while she napped and also bought her birthday cake. Amma likes butter cake but couldn’t find any in Bengawan Solo so bought the fruit cake which Amma loves.

By that time we were all ready to head out. The two girls were brilliant in helping to carry Amma up the stairs and off we went. Amma realised about the mask business now. She could see all of us wearing masks. She was so excited seeing her apartment. Wanted me to wheel her to the different rooms and then she said we should go. We then went to Labrador Park. It was so hot but Amma loved the fresh air for sure. Helpers were delighted too. They were busy taking pics and videos of themselves 🤣😊

From there we went to West Coast Food Centre for a drink. Amma was really so cute. When we got there she took off her mask without us ordering anything g to drink. She refused to listen to me to put the mask back on. The stall keeper said it was alright like he was the embodiment of law. That mean okay to us😂😂😂 I ordered bandong (rose milk drink) without any ice. Ordered coffee for myself. As she was drinking there was spillage and trying to wipe that off, I knocked the coffee cup down😫It was coffee all over Amma and I 😔 The guys around us were so helpful. All came and helped. Amma was undeterred in her action of drinking the bandong 🤪

After a short while we left. Headed home and after a change we had the cake-cutting😎Then we had dinner at home.

Amma is exhausted from the busy afternoon she had. She enjoyed her big day for sure. I felt really good about making Amma’s day 🙌. Another MasterCard moment ♥️ Here’s a picture of Amma and I, picture taken eight years’ ago.

Lunch with Mary

My friend Mary, who I know for years is one who doesn’t eat 😂I am not joking. Fellowship with us mostly revolves around food. Since she doesn’t eat we have hardly had any meet-ups with food. This year she suggested that we meet for lunch.

I nearly fell off my chair 🤣 when she suggested meeting me for lunch. I suggested Crystal Jade TM since it’s near the office.

It was tough ordering food as it was going to be just me eating and she watching me eat 🤣 Of course there was another dish, French beans cooked with minced pork not in this pic.

Yes, I had these all by myself.

Much as I make fun of her for not eating anything, she’s one of the best ladies I know. She’s always so positive and loving. She makes time for everyone, just like how she made time for me. It’s time like this which I call a MasterCard moment ♥️
Wearing my fav batik mask for this occasion🎉🥳🥰

Love my office

Besides the fact that I have more space in the office for myself and proper furniture, I also miss my office because I had done it up in a way that is JUST Me🤣😁🥳🤩😎 Everything we do is a reflection of our style and personality. I like bright colours and things. I also don’t really get affected by what others’ think and say 🙄This is despite being a ‘comment magnet’. Wherever I go I get comments. I can’t ‘run away’ from it😫😞😜🤪😝

My office has bright items that keep me charged and energised. I was looking at some of the magnets and cards that I had in front of me. Thought I would blog on that. Take this one: I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day, tomorrow doesn’t look good either. This cracked me up: I’ve shopped all my life and still have nothing to wear🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nice right?

Then there’s this: You look lovely today! said by a seal with the words: The seal of approval. Checkout this one: All people have the right to stupidity but some abuse the privilege 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Next to it is a motivating message: If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you. That’s right. Nobody can! Don’t let other people get to your happiness. Make yourself and others happy. When you are happy, others around you will be happy! It so infectious 🙌🙏🏻

When irritants come over to talk/discuss something I will refer to this: I’ve got one nerve left and you’re getting on it 🙄😂 Sometimes I feel like pointing to this one: To save time let’s assume I’m never wrong. Whatever you are, be a good one

There are also messages which serve as reality check for me like: I am woman. I am invincible. I am tired. A powerful one: No whining. I do whine at times so that I can’t get it off the system 😊😉😎

Really love these

I also have messages from my students and colleagues. Whenever I feel the need for some positive energy I will just read these messages. You all know I am huge on things like these ♥️ I keep the cards and will read them over and over again. Nowadays people don’t give cards. It’s seen as wasteful. I don’t think so. There will be one crazy person like me in this world, who will treasure cards 🥰 I am so old-school in these matters and definitely not ashamed of it.

If anyone comes by to my office, especially someone new, they would stand and admire all the things especially my cards and messages😍 I have some rude messages too but this may not be an appropriate place to share😂🤣

These were given to me by my team before I switched to admin role. It was not easy to look after a big team of different personalities but I learnt more about myself than of them 🙌 It was so easy then to get timely response from the team. I can’t say the same for now🙄

Birthday in March

Yes, there are so many groups of people to meet that birthday celebrations have extended beyond the 28 days in February. On first March we celebrated two Aquarians’ 🥳 🎉🌟😎 birthday. We chose to have tea so I took leave in the afternoon. I had a busy day in the morning before I headed out for tea. Work recently has piled up and all, because others pile them on me! Don’t want to talk about work but my joy afternoon and evening 😎🥰🥳😍 Dressed for the occasion by @Stylemart 😂🤣The shoes from Interpax (Holland Village Shopping Centre) and bag gifted by dear friend Diane.

Wind-blown evening

We met at Wimbly Lu which is a quaint cafe in Tyrwhitt Road (w is silent) and I must say there were a few cafes on that stretch of road to explore in future. We had both savoury and sweet food. Check out the sticky date pudding though I prefer the one made by my friend which I had eaten a few years’ ago at her home. It was simply awesome so I told her that. She promised to make me some the next time! YAY!

Our conversations can range from basic stuff like the food we were eating to serious topics like religion. It was always ‘laugh-every-few-words’ moments with this group. We’ve known each other for donkey years!

As we reflected on COVID-19, much as we disliked the situation we are in, there is much to be grateful for. For one, despite the odds, all of us adjusted well and coped beautifully showing resilience and adaptability. Problems were solved and handled with ease. In retrospect, I personally enjoy the small group gatherings which are more intimate and cozy. Big group gatherings are more for socialising without interacting. That’s just my opinion 🙂

Of course from Wimbly Lu, we had to divert to another place and we decided on Indian food at Race Course Road. There was a little alarm as we were told that the big carpark that had helped us over the years was gone. Alas, I was shocked. Where was I going to park my car? With such thought and anxiety we drove in different cars and headed to Race Course Road only to find that the car park was not gone! Another YAY! So, we parked the three cars and walked to Arunachala Bhavan. I told the ladies that my late grandfather’s name was Arunasalam. Maybe I can get some discount for the group 😂🤣 Nothing doing but we had a nice spot on Level 2 all to ourselves for a long while. We continued with our stories till 10 pm. By which time it was clear we had to leave! Some pictures of the food and friends!

Always smiling
Clare’s & Ethel’s Creative bakes

Gifts Galore

I am really counting my blessings as I savour all the birthday gifts I received for my birthday 🥳 🥰🤩😘So many flowers, costume jewellery, cosmetics, bags, earrings, elephant figurines, ornaments, crafty items, calming and mindfulness paraphernalia, fabric for Salwar Kameez, OSIM massager ‘gun’ (haven’t unwrapped it yet😂), cakes, meals (lunch & tea), chocolates and beautiful cards♥️ Am I on a high? YES, of course!

I didn’t expect so many gifts and perhaps because of it, when I did receive them, there was much joy!

Such a gem-beauty
Lovely bag with beautiful design from my lifers
Received flowers first time from Kavita
Choco crazy I went with this gift 💝
Sharing the space with my Shifu – an honour🙌

With all these blessings we are indeed blessed. I am using the royal ‘we’ here 😂

Count your blessings (and be happy) not the candles on your cake (and be miserable)! The choice is yours♥️